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Maggie Soo

Maggie Soo passed away recently. She will be missed.

This beautiful 9 year old silver standard poodle first came into the office in October 2008. While getting up from lying down at home, she seemed imbalanced and was stumbling. She had also been experiencing general stiffness while on her walks. She received chiropractic adjustments and she responded well. We decided to treat Maggie Soo on a monthly basis to keep her flexible and comfortable. More recently Maggie Soo developed a limp in her right hind leg. After examination and various testing through her vet it was determined that Maggie Soo has a tumor called osteosarcoma in her right knee. Maggie Soo continues to have chiropractic adjustments to balance out her body. Due to compensation or shifting her weight from her right hind leg to the rest of her body she is constantly using more energy than normal to move. This results in her back becoming stiff and overall being tired more frequently. Also, Maggie Soo's mum has been exploring a combination of treatments to aid her body fighting the tumor. Please visit and follow Maggie Soo's mum with her blog about Maggie Soo's story.



This lovely orange tabby cat was brought into the clinic after he had suffered a traumatic low back injury. After being attended to by his vet he was referred for chiropractic treatments. He was unable to lift his tail or use his back legs to stand or walk. His bowel and bladder were not functioning properly and he would use his front paws to crawl across the floor.

I treated him with spinal adjustments over a three week period. A combination of veterinarian and chiropractic care resulted in Zeke regaining his leg and bowel functioning. He eventually did regain some tail movement.

Zeke has since passed on of old age. He was an enthusiastic wonderful little guy that will be missed by his owner and the clinic staff.



This young little foal was born this spring, 2009. She was doing well until she was accidentally rammed into a fence head first. She had severe upper neck spasms and a cut across her forehead from the impact. After some treatment she is now doing very well.

She is back in her stride tearing up the paddock with other little babies.


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