Back in the Saddle #2

Barns have opened and riders now have access to their horses. I wonder how many have noticed that they or their horses may not be up to regular fitness. This is okay. Take the time to observe your horse for any imbalances in muscles Check your saddle pad for uneven sweat and dirt marks Check your horse for any sweat patterns that might be different or excessive. Be patient and take it slow. No race to come back to full fitness. Although you can not check your self for uneven wear and sweat patterns very easily, you can notice: Are you out of breath while grooming, tacking, riding or lunging? Are you sweating more than usual? Are you stiff or sore after grooming, tacking up, lungeing or ridin

Back in the Saddle...

A stable strategy for resuming life with your horse... Tips for horses and riders from an animal chiropractor This time of COVID-19 has been challenging for horse owners and riders.  You’ve been separated from your beloved animal for up to two months. Your equine has been wandering around paddocks with its friends while you wondered when you could return to the barn.  Whether you do dressage, eventing, western, trail riding or general fun, most of us had limited or no access to our equine and an exercise/riding routine. (For this first post, I will assume you have not seen or ridden your horse in two months) Ok, let’s start from scratch.  Make a plan based on what has – or hasn’t happened ov

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