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Dr. Matthew Ang

Dr. Matthew Ang provides a family based practice that helps patients achieve their goals naturally and as fast as possible using various manual and device assisted techniques.  Dr. Ang has experience treating patients of all ages and situations.  He holds additional certificates in RockTape, ConnecTX, Cox Flexion and Distraction, and Spinemobility's Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Bootcamp.


He also has experience treating high level athletes through injuries as well as performance related care to help athletes play optimally and reduce the risk of injury.  Some notables include former and current members on: National and professional Women soccer players, National and professional Men soccer players, National Junior Rowers, Various OFSAA athletes, Professional hockey players playing in Europe, NCAA athletes and much more!

Dr. Ang is available:  Monday 9:30-6, Wednesdays 9-12,                                        Thursday 3-6.

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