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Dedicated to providing the finest chiropractic services for you, your family and your beloved pets.

    Who is Dr. Fenella Ely?    

My name is Dr. Fenella Ely and have been working in the Durham and Greater Toronto area since 1996. After completing a Bachelor of

Science degree from the University of Toronto and a Doctor of Chiropractic

from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, I have practiced in various locations in Canada and England .  Being an avid rider and animal lover, in 2001 I enrolled in Animal Chiropractic courses at Options for Animals in Illinois, U.S.A. I completed my animal training in 2002. 

I enjoy working with people and their pets. I am often on the road to do educational seminars in dog clubs, horse barns, equine clubs, businesses etc.  I drive to barns to treat large animals while people and small animals come to visit me in my office in Whitby. I also have a specialized dedicated small animal room in the clinic.  I have a unique practice as I serve both two and four legged creatures for their Chiropractic needs. 

Chiropractic services for animals

Cold red laser therapy.

Educational Seminars for horse and dog clubs.


I was always interested in health, even as a youngster I questioned everything. As I went off to university, I had to decide which program to choose and a possible career path. I studied animal and people science in my degree. I volunteered in various health care professional offices/hospital. I chose Chiropractic because of its ability to prevent and treat conditions that were not so well addressed by conventional medicine. 

I worked with people for 8 years and started to notice that people were asking me about chiropractic care for their pets. I didn't give it much thought, but kept the idea in the back of my head for a while, until I was forced to make some decisions.

On hot June day in 2001 I had just purchased a 2 year old paint gelding horse. After a couple of weeks of difficult behaviour from him, I had a life altering experience that involved my horse.  He became injured beyond belief and I was advised he would never recover or be ridden again.  He could hardly walk and was miserable.  I searched for some therapy to help him and I was out of luck.  Then I realized  I was a chiropractor that helped people, why couldn't I use my skills to help him!  With some encouragement I enrolled in specialized animal chiropractic courses in the USA. I never looked back.

I learnt a valuable lesson that day which I will never forget - listen to your heart and pay attention to what your animals are telling you. Whether they are in pain or not is debatable, however you can be their voice and treat them with dignity and respect. You will end up with a more rewarding relationship that will last a lifetime.

I have had the privilege of working with thousands of animals and their families to help improve the patients', both animal and human's,  health and functioning.

I believe that there is a very strong network that we need to create when working and living with animals. This involves the owner, the veterinarian and the animal chiropractor, and positive relationships with other professionals\people. This can only lead to a the best and highest quality of health care for you and your beloved pet.

Providing professional: Animal Chiro Services / Human Chiro Services

117 Byron Street North,
Whitby, Ontario, Canada
L1N 4M8


Tel: 905-430-9431

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