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Services available including:

  • Chiropractic Care for people and animals

  • Vitamins and Supplements

  • Mobile services large animals and existing patient dogs/cats in Durham.

    Human Chiropractic Services   

The clinic welcomes human patients.

The clinic is  accepting new people patients.   We welcome all age groups from babies to seniors.  Our chiropractic services offer various techniques to suit your personal chiropractic needs.

Every patient in the clinic has their own personal treatment plan to best suit their individual health and lifestyle.  

We have flexible time and days.  Some days are variable outside of the hours depending on holidays.


your spine

    A brief introduction to your spine    

Your spinal column is made up of 24 individual spinal bones called vertebra (pl. vertebrae). The vertebrae are all connected by ligaments and disks. Your spinal column not only provides support for the body, it also forms a hard protective shell for your nervous system.


Nerves exit the skull and travel down as the spinal cord which is, of course, enclosed within the vertebrae. Individual nerves branch off from the spinal column and run between the vertebrae, and from there travel to almost all of the structures of your body. These nerves are the electrical system of your body, and send messages to and from the brain regarding muscles, pain, sensations, etc.


If there is a disruption in the nerve messages, you will often feel pain, or strange sensations (remember that tingling when your arm or leg "falls asleep"?). If there is a major disruption of the nerve, numbness or muscle weakness are often the result.

    What your chiropractor does for you    

Your chiropractor is trained to detect if any of the spinal bones and joints is not moving correctly (you may have heard the termsubluxation, defined as a condition when two vertebrae are not working correctly). This incorrect movement can result in the disruption of nerve messages mentioned above.


Your chiropractor will "adjust" your vetebrae by delivering a small but powerful force through the vertebrae and the joints between them. This helps to restore normal motion, and decrease the pressure on the nerves. This in turn can reduce any pain you might be feeling, and increase overall functioning of the body.


When the adjustment is performed, don't be surprised to hear a "cracking" sound coming from your spinal joints. This is expected, and is completely harmless. This occurs due to a process called cavitation, which causes a release of nitrogen gas from between the joints.


You may associate chiropractors with treatment of lower back problems. While this is a common ailment, chiropractors are able to (and do) treat the whole spine, as well as any joints of the arms and legs. Here are some of the more common ailments that patients present with:


  • low back pain

  • neck pain

  • headaches

  • stress and tension

  • ankle and knee sprains

  • carpal tunnel syndrome

  • repetitive strain injury

  • tennis elbow

  • arthritis


Many different kinds of problems can be treated, but since everyone is an individual, the number of treatments required will vary, and individual response to the treatment will change from person to person. 

for you
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